City Center


100 W College Avenue Appleton, Wisconsin




24,376 SF – 3rd Floor
25,307 SF -4th Floor




City Center | 3rd & 4th Floor Condo

ProVisions, LLC is pleased to present the 3rd and 4th Floor Condo of the City Center at 100 W College Avenue, in the downtown Appleton, Wisconsin. This property features a total of 49,683 square feet available for sale and/or 25,307 square feet of the 4th floor for lease. Located next to FoxCom, a new development of Lawrence University Housing, and new Family Medical Center. City Center is ideally positioned for mix-use live, work, play environment.  Contact us today to explore how City Center may accommodate your retail, office, educational space needs.

City Center Property Attributes: 

  • 25,307 square feet of flex space remaining on 4th Floor
  • On-site parking access to up to 500 spaces
  • Proximity to new development FoxCom
  • 3rd Floor designated to future Regus Center


Interior Photos

Property Specifications

Seven Office Condominium Mixed-Use – 3rd and 4th Floor (Units 300A, 400A, 400B, 400C, 50B, 50C, and 50H)

100 W College Avenue, 3rd & 4th Floor, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911

Tax Key 31-2-0273-03, 31-2-0273-04, 31-2-0273-09, 31-2-0273-30, 31-2-0273-40,
31-2-0273-41, 31-2-0273-42
City Center Condominium Units 50B, 50C, 50H, 300A, 400A, 400B, 400C, and 34.2% Interest in Common Area as Described in Doc 11330 20 and Further Amendments, in the city of Appleton, county of Outagamie, and the state of Wisconsin.

Flat/Minimal Grade

CBD, Central Business District – permitted uses: office, service, retail, and multi-family uses

100% Wet System

1,200-amp, three phase 

One (1) primary facility

Third Floor – 24,376 Square Feet

Fourth Floor – 25, 307 Square Feet

Lower Lever – 3,290 Square Feet

Total Condominium – 52,973 Square Feet

Six (6) stories above grade with One (1) story below grade

Constructed in 1960

Scheduled for 2023

Brick exterior walls with a flat, rubber membrane roof. 

Access to up to 500 parking spaces

Floor Plan


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